Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cycling + Filming is way better than Cycling + Photography

I officially have a new hobby!!

Well.. its 2 hobbies combined into 1..
- Cycling + Filming

Thanks to my dear hubby-to-be who introduced me to the wonders of doing both and the satisfaction you can get from them!

Not to mention super effective weight loss.. *sucks in cheeks to show skinny face*

Here's the first video we did together 2 nights ago..

I love my life right now....

Dukan Diet Day 35 - Temporary Attack Phase day 1

- 4 slices of Gourmet Light Turkey Ham slices with fat free cream cheese
- 1 White Coffee

- Fish soup with extra fish minus the vegetables
- 2 tea eggs without yolks
- 1 Coke Zero

My body feels exhausted today after 2 consecutive days of intense cycling. It was screaming for sugar after yesterday's 1.5 hours speed cycling workout. I gave in a little and had half a snickers bar so as prevent myself from going into chocolate withdrawal symptoms..

Anyway, even though the dukan diet discourages intensive workouts during the diet (because exerting your body may cause you to crave for the forbidden foods even more), I can't help it since cycling has become a form of release and distraction for me on this diet. So far my willpower has been able to resist most of my sweets and chocolate cravings even after workouts (except for yesterday's because I overdid it with 2 days consec of mad cycling) so I guess its ok to continue.

Besides.. my clothes have become a lot looser despite my weight stagnating!

Which brings me to my other point. I've gone back on a temporary attack phase to help with the weight stagnating problem. So no more tolerated foods for me over the next few days...

Goodbye fruit yoghurts.. I'll miss you!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Singaporean's Dukan Diet

I discovered the Dukan Diet while reading some articles on my favourite sites. And since my wedding date was approaching.. I figured "what the hey!".. Might as well give it a try since nothing else really worked.

So I calculated my true weight (I'm not telling you what it is) and the site gave me a 6 month weight loss plan.
- 3 days on attack phase
- 102 days on cruise phase
- 146 days on consolidation
- and after that.. stabilization.

Well.. wanna know how I did?
I lost 3.5kg on the attack phase. Thats almost 1kg a day.
I was super super psyched! I mean talk about motivated. Anyway the site did say you would lose quite a bit fairly quickly on the first phase, but it was still quite heartening to see the results.

I'm now 12 days into the cruise phase and so far I'm down another 3 kg. This phase of the diet is much slower but the site says this would give the body time to adjust to the changes and prevent the weight from bouncing back too quickly. Still, seeing continued progress is of course the only motivation keeping me going.

The hardest thing about this diet is the repetitiveness of the meals you can eat. I'm am really sick of eating while on this diet. Its pretty much the same thing over and over again. Its alot better if I'm at home and I have the opportunity to cook my own meals, but when at work, I'm pretty much limited to certain dishes that contains the food thats allowed on this diet. And any Singaporean knows that it is damn hard to find food that contains little to no oil, no sugar, no carbs and on pure protein days, no vegetables too. Especially in hawker centers. I'm not even allowed to have salads on some days!

So now, with 88 more days to go, I'm left fantasizing about ice cream, noodles, pasta, KFC, Burger King, chocolate cake etc etc.

I decided to start blogging for the rest of my 88 days to help me cope and to keep me going. I'm really hoping that with my new cycling hobby, I'll be able to reach my target weight before my 88 days are up and I can finally move on to the next stage where I get to have 1 day a week of eating ANYTHING I WANT.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Why Singaporeans should be proud of its leaders

When I was still teaching, I heard many young adults bitching about the Singapore government and its policies and all.

While I don't fully agree with all the actions and decisions that our government makes and takes, I do have a healthy amount of respect and pride for our leaders.

Especially Mr Lee Kuan Yew.. the man who had amazing foresight and leadership.. to do what no other country leader had done for their home as he had done for Singapore. Even in his advanced years, he is still able to demonstrate the sharpness of his mind and the ability to think way way ahead of others.


SPIEGEL Interview with Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew

"It's Stupid to be Afraid"

Singapore's first-ever prime minister, long-time government head and current political mentor Lee Kuan Yew talks about Asia's rise to economic power, China's ambitions and the West's chances of staying competitive.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bored and fresh out of ideas

Dead of the night and I'm still up and active.

Its the first time in quite a while that I've had nothing to work on during the weekends. The past couple of years I had my pet projects and web ideas that I looked forward to. Spent most of my free time working towards those goals.

And now, with nothing on the horizon or ideas percolating in my brain.. I'M BORED!

I can't think of any idea worth pursuing or worth building. I sooooo desperately wanna have a good idea for building a mobile app.. but I got ZILCH.. NADA.. NOTHING

Help... I need some inspiration for ANYTHING


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Good place to download music

Discovered a new site for downloading music.. found the new DBSK Secret Code album there.. so happy!

Super hot and cute kitties.. on Shopabble

HoneyShed Presents: Kittens from HoneyShed on Vimeo.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

My first shopping event coverage article!

First time covering a shopping event for a website.. and after an extremely long and painful shopping dry spell.. I succumbed to temptation and bombed $150 bucks on a bag..

Check out what I did and my photos at the Takashimaya Shoes and Bag Affair..

Tuesday, December 30, 2008